Hard Times

Is she still there? Is she still herself? What's wrong with her? Is she okay? How do you get through hard times? Do you cry? Do you binge-watch TV? Do you eat? There are so many ways to get through hard times. All counselors always talk about coping skills and good coping. Mine, was the … Continue reading Hard Times

Depression Build-up

It's not even noticeable at first. It's something that goes unrecognized. Something that a woman could just contribute to hormones, something a person can think is situational. Until it isn't. For me, I was in counseling and working on building myself up for years. I grew into a person who became happy. It started with … Continue reading Depression Build-up

trauma and emotional pain can build your #resiliency

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.”― Jaeda Dewalt Painful experiences and emotional trauma are at the core of making us human. But what happens when those painful experiences or emotional trauma seem like they are too much, or more excessive than … Continue reading trauma and emotional pain can build your #resiliency